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Welcome to the Lindersoft Support Center. We are committed to helping you maximize your investment in Lindersoft products by combining processes, products, and people to provide you with the most timely, accurate assistance possible. Our goal is to be a premier provider of technical support and service to all of our customers.

We provide full service engineering ranging from answering questions to developing, creating, and providing updates to Lindersoft products. For fastest service, please provide your Serial Number (if available) in correspondence. We offer pre-sales support while you evaluate our products.


All SetupBuilder products have a pre-determined commercial lifetime. In order to provide the highest quality products and support to our customers, each product is developed utilizing a product lifecycle methodology, which includes an End-of-Life (EOL) phase.

The SetupBuilder product EOL policy is to support the current release for up to three (3) months by default. After this time, Lindersoft's Product Development and Engineering organizations cease active development and support of that software release. Lindersoft does not create or make available maintenance releases or patches for software that has reached the EOL milestone.

During the EOL phase, Lindersoft will continue to investigate, troubleshoot, and characterize issues in an attempt to provide solutions and workarounds using the production releases. If a solution cannot be found using software that has reached the EOL milestone, Lindersoft Customer Advocacy will require that the system be updated with a more recent software release.

Lindersoft offers technical support for SetupBuilder for a specified amount of time. Once a product enters end-of-life status, Lindersoft will be unable to provide technical support, download links, service packs or updates for that version of the SetupBuilder software and any add-on modules for that version of the software.

Product Status
Release and End-of-Life Date
SetupBuilder 2023 Supported
April 07, 2023 -
SetupBuilder 2019 Supported
January 14, 2019 - June 30, 2023
SetupBuilder 2017/2018 End of Life
December 19, 2016 - April 14, 2019
SetupBuilder 2016 End of Life
September 28, 2015 - March 19, 2017
SetupBuilder 8 End of Life
December 19, 2012 - December 28, 2015
SetupBuilder 7 End of Life
August 06, 2009 - June 03, 2013
SetupBuilder 6 End of Life
January 19, 2007 - November 06, 2009
SetupBuilder 5 End of Life
August 31, 2005 - June 18, 2007

The current end-of-life status of SetupBuilder is:
Product Status
End-of-Life Date
SetupBuilder 2023 Supported
3 months after release of a subsequent version
SetupBuilder 2019 Supported
June 30, 2023
SetupBuilder 2017/2018 End of Life
April 14, 2019
SetupBuilder 2016 End of Life
March 19, 2017
SetupBuilder 8.5 End of Life
December 28, 2015
SetupBuilder 8.1 End of Life
June 06, 2015
SetupBuilder 8.0 End of Life
January 18, 2014
SetupBuilder 7.7 End of Life
June 03, 2013
SetupBuilder 7.6 End of Life
July 04, 2012
SetupBuilder 7.5 End of Life
April 23, 2012
SetupBuilder 7.4 End of Life
October 09, 2011
SetupBuilder 7.3 End of Life
August 01, 2011
SetupBuilder 7.2 End of Life
March 05, 2011
SetupBuilder 7.1 End of Life
July 26, 2010
SetupBuilder 7.0 End of Life
May 02, 2010
SetupBuilder 6.9 End of Life
November 06, 2009
SetupBuilder 6.8 End of Life
October 31, 2008
SetupBuilder 6.7 End of Life
August 26, 2008
SetupBuilder 6.6 End of Life
March 05, 2008
SetupBuilder 6.5 End of Life
December 26, 2007
SetupBuilder 6.0 End of Life
October 24, 2007
SetupBuilder 5.6 End of Life
June 18, 2007
SetupBuilder 5.5 End of Life
March 18, 2007
SetupBuilder 5.4 End of Life
February 11, 2007
SetupBuilder 5.3 End of Life
September 20, 2006
SetupBuilder 5.2 End of Life
July 19, 2006
SetupBuilder 5.1 End of Life
May 15, 2006
SetupBuilder 5.0 End of Life
March 23, 2006
SetupBuilder 4.x End of Life
September 2, 2005
SetupBuilder 3.x End of Life
June 1, 2002
SetupBuilder 2.x End of Life
May 1, 2000
SetupBuilder 1.x End of Life
December 31, 1998

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