Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a challenging work environment in a customer-driven software company that demands technical excellence in the software products we distribute and superior quality in the services we deliver.

Our high-performance tools and excellent service guarantee the success of your projects. Your success is our success. We believe that application development is an on-going process, that requires an active partnership between corporate developers and their tools providers. Our customers are encouraged to participate in the quality process by providing feedback and suggestions. This feedback is crucial for enhancing the quality process and measuring its effectiveness.

Our philosophy of achieving nothing less than technical excellence has helped shape Linder Software into a strong, rapidly growing company with a bright and highly motivated workforce. Our success is the result of the close working relationships with our customers to develop superior installation tools and services.

Superior customer service is our focus and 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. Our experience has taught us this is the only way to build a business.

The Microsoft Partner Program allows Lindersoft to align themselves more closely with Microsoft to stay current with the latest Microsoft technology and serve customers more effectively. The SetupBuilder product line is powered by the legendary JPI TopSpeed compiler technology (exists today as the underlying technology of the SoftVelocity Clarion 4GL programming language) combined with Microsoft Visual Studio. SetupBuilder is the install tool that replaced the TopSpeed Deployment Kit and Wise for Clarion (from Wise Solutions) installer in the Clarion Enterprise Edition flagship product.

Comments? Feel free to send them to ceo@lindersoft.com