Every day, corporations, government agencies, small businesses, and home users join the growing family of SetupBuilder users. Together these users have made SetupBuilder one of the leading software installation systems in the world and our product a big success story. Superior technology and a technical support organization that consistently exceeds expectations are the driving force behind these successes.

But don't take our word for it. Install a free evaluation copy and see for yourself. And take a look at just some of the many testimonials, below, that we receive from our customers.

I've used SetupBuilder in my medical software consulting business for well over a decade, and never fail to recommend it to other software developers.

The depth of its capabilities is amazing — beyond the expected basics of installation there are a sophisticated web update engine, software subscription and licensing tools, customizable wizard dialogs, a scripting language that has innumerable logic, string manipulation, file and system function capabilities ... even the ability to invoke your own DLLs (or executables) during installation.

Not only do I use it to package custom software and interfaces, but its powerful programming capabilities make it useful for creating some small-footprint utilities in and of itself.

The company is aggressive in staying on top of Microsoft's twists and turns, including UAC manifest support through the most recent versions of Windows and support for dual code-signing (SHA1 / SHA2).

Customer support is second to none - from answering questions to creating custom example files when useful.

The support for code-signing and the avenue for purchasing discounted certificates are another great plus.

Highly recommended!

Jane Fleming
Beach Bunny Software, California

SetupBuilder has made my life so much easier. While Microsoft made things a bit more complex for security reasons, SetupBuilder keeps pace with these changes. Simple install programs can be made in minutes. More complex installs for those corporate clients that have very strict security take a little longer. So many features at your finger tips, and flexible commands. Many commands have multiple functions and uses.

Support is top notch, more often than not a feature request or problem is implemented quickly or resolved very quickly (same day usually).

My favorite features are web updates (so your program can update itself, no web site visit required). Also, when uninstalling, everything is uninstalled. No registry errors are left behind, and I do check. Very clean and fast.

For even the most complex installs, SetupBuilder creates it and its always fast. There is no other installer you need to consider.

Russ Eggen
RADFusion International, LLC

I have been using Setupbuilder for the last 10 years (or so). During that time, I have not once had the inclination to seek out another tool with which to build our installs. Setupbuilder is an extremely powerful tool that has provided us with the means to do everything we have wanted to do in our installs. The documentation is extensive, and the times that I have not understood the best way of accomplishing a task, the support team has answered my questions thoroughly and promptly. I would not hesitate to recommend SetupBuilder to anyone serious about building a software business.

Geoff Thomson
CapeSoft, Cape Town, South Africa

Thank you Setupbuilder for allowing me to rub shoulders with the big guys. I'd expect that the setup program the major players use would be out of my reach — but far from it! I'm a small time single man programmer with no staff but thousands of users. I love it that all my support calls are because of MY programs. I've used Setupbuilder for at least 13 years and haven't had an installation issue in that time. Setupbuilder just works, and the support is phenomenal. I've only ever used it because I didn't know how to do something, but an individual reply is always not far away. Wow. Is there nothing it can't do ?

David S Beggs BVSc MVS
ITVet Pty Ltd

We have been using Setupbuilder from its very start, and today it's an invaluable tool in my toolbox. The scripting language has made it easy to use the same scripts for different uses, and has made the creating of install processes both very fast, and has been a valuable tool to minimize errors in the daily use.

Setupbuilder is a very advanced tools, but contrary to other advanced tools, it has a very limited need for support. If it anyway is necessary, its efficient, fast, and always hitting the goal.

The integration with Sectigo digital signatures works seamless, and is in our business world a 'Must' to be considered a supplier.

Edvard Korsbæk

We currently have around 3,000 users that update their software each month using Setup Builder. To this day, I never heard of an upgrade failing to work properly. This is a real testament to the terrific programming work that you have done with Setup Builder!!

Chris Dalrymple
Ontrak Technologies Inc.

I used to use an installer from Indigo Rose that cost me a lot of money. It served my purposes and did everything I wanted until recently when they announced a new beta program. I knew then that a new release was imminent which would cost me about $300.

I thought it was time to consider converting to SetupBuilder but had some reservations as I wondered if I was getting into the same scenario as my existing product. To cut a long story short I converted to SetupBuilder Developer Edition with a Gold maintenance plan. I now wonder why on earth I did not do so earlier.

SetupBuilder took some getting used to but only because I was so used to my other product. Now however I am finding it very productive and absolutely amazing in it's flexibility. The thought that has gone into this product is just awesome.

The support is just exceptional even when my questions have been down right stupid at times. Not only that but the future plans fill me with total confidence and the prospect of others linking with SetupBuilder is so exciting.

It is not often that I get excited about a new product but this has just blown me away. The things I only ever dreamed of with my old product are now achievable. Only 30 minutes ago, I found a way in SetupBuilder to do something with the click of a button and entering one variable that my other product team said could not be done. How amazing is that?

So Friedrich (and everyone who has contributed to the development of SetupBuilder) a big THANK YOU.

I would recommend absolutely everyone to use SetupBuilder and adopt the approach that Microsoft have in respect of User Account Control (like it or not) because once you have done it, life really is so much easier.

I honestly do feel a big weight being lifted from my shoulders.

John Fligg
Ambrit Software

I just wanted to thank Friedrich for the very generous help during our testing with SetupBuilder. Having had to resort to InstallShield previously, I can honestly say that SetupBuilder is a breath of fresh air. It's logical, far easier to use and the support is second to none.

We've now purchased SetupBuilder Developer Edition to replace Installshield.

Martin Patient
Palantir Economic Solutions

I am writing to thank you for such fantastic support for a great product. I am so impressed with the time and effort your team put into our specialized requirements. I highly recommend your company and your product to everyone in the programming community.

Alan Schoolcraft
Schoolcraft Legal Systems

GameShadow had used Installshield for many years but fed up with the poor support and expensive upgrades started to look for an alternative. Boy were we glad to find Lindersoft and Setupbuilder. After an initial evaluation, and with superb support from Friedrich at the company, we were convinced that this was the product for our future installers. It's a snap to use and it's just so much more robust than our old solution. Coupled with just simply stunning support from the company I whole-heartedly recommend anyone that is serious about professional installer software and impressive post sales backup support to move to Setupbuilder.

Tony Treadwell

You guys are the best, and I must say, once again, there is no better product on the market for building installers and programs than SetupBuilder. I tell everyone.

Mark C. Gruber
Alert Public Safety Solutions

I started writing automated build procedures last week and took the opportunity of evaluating the newer (and older) products in this space. I found that SetupBuilder (Developer Edition) was easy to install and get my first project up and running quite quickly, allowing me full control over the entire build process. When I requested help on some of the more advanced features, I was actually able to get this from the sales team by e-mail, with no fuss or complicated on-line help system. When a particular issue required more in-depth support, that came within minutes too, allowing me to solve the problem very quickly. The whole experience with the Lindersoft team has been extremely positive, efficient and very good value for money. I would recommend their product to any other ISV who want to focus on product development rather than writing overly complicated setup kits.

Mr G Lowther, Chief Software Architect and Founder
Business Software, Cambridge, England

This is the best setup creator I've seen so far. It includes many, many features that will allow you to create professional and easy to install setup packages for your software. Anyone can use it, regardless of what programming skills they might have. It can even generate a serial number for your installations.

Softpedia's Software Reviews Editor

We've been a user of Lindersoft's SetupBuilder for quite some time. When we were ready to sell our first product via the Internet and would no longer be installing from a CD at the customer site, we reviewed a number of setup tools. The value of SetupBuilder stood out — easy to use, lots of features, and a good price. Boy, did we make the right decision! The tool is phenomenal, but Lindersoft's support is even better. Every time we've needed support, it was available quickly and the issue was resolved. On a recent occasion, Friedrich far exceeded our expectations when he spent quite a bit of time helping us with an issue that was not even related to SetupBuilder. Great product and extra-ordinary support — doesn't get much better than that.

Maury Leman
Saltbox Systems Group, Inc.

When it came time to choose a setup tool for inclusion with Clarion 5.5 Enterprise Edition, we decided to look at all the available product options with an eye on three major areas. The tool we would bundle had to meet or exceed our minimum feature set, it had to be easy to use for developers without extensive experience building setup programs, and the technical support for the tool had to be superlative. We started with a re-analysis of the Wise for Clarion installer, which had been included with previous versions of Clarion. This was ruled out as not having the feature set Clarion developers needed, and not delivering the required level of technical support. We then ran the gamut from the very expensive tools like InstallShield, right on down to shareware and freeware tools. Along the way someone suggested that we take a look at SetupBuilder, a setup tool written using Clarion. The "written in Clarion with the Clarion philosophy of development" intrigued us. And since I had been personally responsible for writing all the installs and patches for Clarion for 7 years starting with CPD 2.1, I felt especially qualified to do the analysis myself.

I found SetupBuilder a fantastic tool. In about ten minutes after installing it, I had produced my first install with SetupBuilder. I hadn't opened the manual, and only peeked at the Help file a few times. Here was a tool that not only delivered a robust setup program, but it didn't require any special knowledge about building setup programs. I dug further into it, looking for holes, things you couldn't accomplish that I knew from experience were necessary for some installs, but I didn't find any. And when I did read the manual, and found out SetupBuilder allows you to link in your own Clarion DLLs, I knew I could do anything needed.

After a chat with the author of SetupBuilder, Friedrich Linder, to discuss the direction the product was taking, and determine how technical support was handled, I was convinced. This was the tool we would bundle with Clarion. It is also the tool we use for our entire product line, whether installations from CD or service pack/patches downloaded from the web. In a product category where most everything is over-complicated or over-simplified, SetupBuilder delivers the features we need at the right usability level--easy to use. This is a robust and straightforward product for developers who like to get the job done right the first time.

Robert Zaunere, CEO
SoftVelocity Inc.

I'm quite thrilled with the new setup. It might sound strange to hear a developer talk about being thrilled about a setup tool, since setup is, to be honest, not the sort of thing a developer likes to spend any time on. But that's exactly why I'm thrilled with Setup Builder. I'm quite confident that the years of agony I spent dealing with customer problems with my InstallShield setup are now history. As my product line evolves, it will be so easy for me to support it with minor changes to my single-source SetupBuilder project, that handles all members of my product line. Also, maintenance updates will be so easy now for me, and even more importantly, for my customers, given SetupBuilder's excellent Web Update feature.

Mark Walsen
Notation Software, Inc.

As a software professional and president of a software company, I have reviewed and tested many different software installation packages for delivering my product. Your product Setup Builder more then delivers the features I need and want for creating simple, fast and effective installation scripts. What really makes a great software product even better is how it is supported. The support team at Lindersoft should be a considered a model for other software companies. As a former "Enterprise Support Manager" for one of the largest alarm monitoring companies in the United States, I do know something about timely effective support. I wish the folks at Lindersoft the very best and happily recommend to anyone looking for an installation product to give Setup Builder a try. The folks at Lindersoft are outstanding professionals and are great to work with.

Chuck Butler, President
Notation Software, Cedar Creek Software Inc.

Thanks for the outstanding job you have done in developing Setup Builder. It is easy to use and produces simple installation projects with almost no effort, but it also has all of the tools to handle the most complex installs. Digital signatures, embedding manifests, checking dependencies, it does it all. Setup Builder is an essential tool.

Jim Halpin